Packing tapes

Extremely useful in all sort of situations, AD.RES adhesive packing tapes ensure excellent performance and can be customised by selecting different materials, colours and prints tailored to specific requirements.

With 30 years of experience, the Legnano company is a reference vendor for professionals in shipping, transportation and warehouse operations who continuously demand reliable packaging solutions.



The ubiquitous "Scotch" packing tape is one of the most widespread types of adhesive film - when it comes to bonding carton material or resealing cardboard boxes, in fact, this type of tape ensures ease of application and excellent resistance.

AD.RES is a company located in Legnano, near Milan, in via Picasso 57/59, which deals with the supply of adhesive films for various applications. We are regularly approached by companies and professionals from various sectors that use this type of material extensively in their work and require articles capable of ensuring certain performance characteristics.


Among the most popular products are adhesive tapes for packaging that AD.RES produces using different materials, including: Adhesive materials in PVC, PPL, paper and ecology-friendly solutions. Available in different colours, with reinforced or woven backing, these items can be tailored to customer requirements by brand and logo printing.

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