metal strips

Adhesive tapes in copper, aluminium and lead; ideal for the construction of noise screens on electrical windings, electronic equipment and machinery in general, in compliance with European Directive 89/336 (EMC). Due to their adhesive properties (in some types it is conductive), they greatly simplified assembly. They can also be cut and die-cut according to customer dimensional specifications.

The range of metallic tapes includes:

- Annealed copper adhesive tapes with conductive and non-conductive adhesives, used for the construction of anti-noise shielding in electrical windings, machinery and electronic equipment. These tapes are manufactured in compliance with European Directive 89/336 (EMC);

- Aluminium adhesive tapes used for the sealing of joints in ventilation ducts, edging panels and waterproofing in general. Available in the following thicknesses: 30 - 50 - 80 to 150 microns.

For the same application category, although characterised by enhanced tearing resistance, they are also available in bonded aluminium-polyester film with 40 or 60 micron thickness.

- Zinc adhesive tapes (80-micron thickness) with 25-micron electrically conductive adhesive, ideal for the corrosion protection of metal surfaces;

-Lead-based adhesive lead tapes for balancing rotating components, shielding operations and soundproofing.

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