Located in Legnano, near Milan, AD.RES specialises in the transformation of double-sided tapes, ensuring the highest quality standards through the use of selected materials. Our suppliers include several important companies: 3M, Tesa, Boston tapes, Bondtec, Scapa tapes, Mactac. Today, the company stands as a reference point for the distribution of bonding products.

Double-sided adhesive tapes
Tapes in honeycomb polycarbonate


Thermally conductive double-sided adhesive tapes

Double sided tapes processed by AD.RES include:

- Polyethylene, polyurethane, neoprene and acrylic foams with 0.2-4 mm thickness, ideal for fixing plates, friezes, decorations and profiles, but also for mounting showcases, displays and mirrors - products can also be die-cut;

- Acrylic transfers films with 0.05-2 mm thickness, easy to apply even on large surfaces, usable also on special manual dispensers. Given their high adhesion properties, in some light carpentry applications they can replace welding operations;

- PVC films with calibrated thicknesses for fixing operations on printing blocks in flexographic printing operations;

- gauzes, fabrics and films in polyester or polypropylene to meet any bonding requirement.

- double-sided thermally conductive tapes for the dissipation of heat in the production of LED strips.

As the leading organisation in the production and sale of single and double-sided adhesive tapes and fixing products, AD.RES employs uniquely qualified professionals to offer the best solutions, ensuring consistently excellent value for money.

For more information: +39.0331.469990.
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