Insulation class A 
Backing material: acetate, cotton.
Types of adhesive: thermosetting rubber.

Insulation class B
Backing material: polyester, polyester reinforced glass, mylar paper, glass cloth.
Types of adhesive: thermosetting rubber, acrylic solvent.

Insulation class F
Backing material: polyester, polyester reinforced glass, polyimede, Nomex, Nomex-PET, Nomex-glass cloth, Nomex-glass fibers.
Types of adhesive: acrylic solvent, thermosetting rubber (for Nomex only)

Insulation class H
Backing material: glass fabric, polyimide films, teflon.
Types of adhesive: silicone.

Self-amalgamating silicone tapes for insulating cable terminations
adhesive tapes for masking and shielding
copper strips, aluminum, etc ...

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